Thursday, 17 January 2013

Emma and Cake Boss Cafe

Today was the day I have been waiting for for months and months. My best friend Emma flew into JFK from here home town of Portland, Oregon. After not seeing her for almost two years since she moved back to the states, she is staying with us for a week before we drive her to college at Smith in Massachusetts. I am super dooper happy that she's here and may or may not have cried when I finally got to hug her at the airport. Two years is a long time to not see your best friend!

We picked Emma up at an awkward time, after sleeping in, and we missed lunch, so when we got back into the city, we stopped off for food at...wait for it...the Cake Boss Cafe. Anyone who knows me probably knows about my obsession with baking and more importantly baking shows, the main one being Cake Boss. The Cake Boss Cafe opened two weeks ago, as a franchise of Carlos Bake Shop, which frankly, I'm taking as a direct gift from Buddy Valastro to me. So it wasn't Carlo's, which is in Hoboken, which we have yet to visit, but it's pretty great all the same.

We had cannoli, because well, cannoli.


There was a gigantic Buddy bobble head. I may have died a little bit inside with happiness.

So with a best friend in tow, this week in New York City is set to be more fabulous than ever.

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