Monday, 14 January 2013

Empire state of mind

Today, was our one week new york anniversary yay! Firstly, it was ridiculously warm, like 16 degrees which is insane for January in New York! I took it as the weather giving us Australians a wink and a nod. We celebrated with a trip to the lovely empire state building! 

We walked from the bus stop to the Empire State, and got distracted by shoe shops, where I spent too much money on fancy but utterly amazing boots (that I already treasure therefore I can justify it). But then onto the big pointy building!

Before we went up to see the view, we went on this simulation ride thing called Skyride, which was basically where you went into this room with a big screen, and they played a film where you 'fly' over all the big buildings and things in New York and the seats move around and jolt and stuff. it destroyed my stomach and I almost threw up but it was pretty fun :)

And then we went up up up!

They usher you through a series of rooms before you actually get to the top. I saw it as a challenge to wean out the weak ones (seriously there was like a museum and about seven gift shops and photos and bloody everything). 

But we finally got into the elevator, and it goes up so fast and so high that your ears pop. The view at the top, is worth it though.

It was rather chilly up the top, but the view was breathtaking. The story behind the Empire State Building itself is really inspiring. It's a symbol of hope, resilience and power to New York.

After lunch at a mexican grill (I had a burrito, obviously), we jumped on the subway out to Union Square to go to a shoe shop that a friend had told us about. 

The shop was gigantic and I bought a pair of boat shoes for Sydney and summer camp and a few other things while the rest of the fam all bought boots! So a big shopping day today!

And then it was back on two separate subway trains (moving up in the world) and back to our bus home!

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