Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Good Morning New York

We landed to the most beautiful New York Sunrise. As we walked off the plane through the corridor to the airport, we were suddenly hit by the best hello New York has to offer. The freezing cold.  We walked down the terminal and took it all in. Even the airport was bustling. We hauled our bags off the luggage claim and wandered outside, where I almost passed out with the cold! We were ushered into a taxi and were off speeding down the highway. New York traffic is exactly what you think it is, and more. Our driver was constantly changing lanes and swapping and swerving and charging up the shoulder. It was almost like Cairo, but with more traffic lights. 

We got our first glimpse of the city sky line. A view you hear about and see photos of, but honestly, it takes your breath away. We drove through the city, and found ourself sailing down Broadway and all these amazing streets you hear about. The billboards, the stores, the people. It was 6am and already utterly crazy. I have no doubt that it's crazy at 4am on Wednesday nights as well.

We went through a big tunnel and popped out in New Jersey, and found ourselves out the front of our apartment. Seeing the building there filled me with relief. We booked our accommodation for our month here via a site called airbnb, which has a full spectrum of amazing places and dodgy rentals. So to see it there, not just the photo was very reassuring. The owner greeted us, surprised that we had arrived so early and brought us upstairs, explaining everything we needed to know from transport to the closest supermarket. The apartment is everything we wanted. I was expecting it to be smaller than how the photos had photos portrayed it, but it was in fact bigger. It's two bedroom and two bathroom, with a loft open spread style kitchen and living area. It's newly renovated, clean and fabulous. very New York, but so so SO much bigger than the apartments we looked at for the same price in Manhattan. We settled in and made plans for a quick rest and then a trip to the city to suss it out. 

And then it was six hours later. We were so jetlagged and overtired that we all slept through the alarm we'd set. So we postponed our first trip to the city and instead thought we'd go for a walk around Jersey and get some food. The cold would wake us up!

We ventured out to find the bus stop where the buses to Manhattan stop at. It's three blocks from our place and is across from a park with possibly the best view in the entire world. We 'touristed out' and frothed over the spectacular view while attempting to not get frost bite. I was blown away by the city and the place. It's just amazing.

New Jersey is bursting with life. We fought our way through the local supermarket (which looked small on the outside but was huge inside and packed with stuff) to pack our apartment with supplies (american junk food is The Best). 

The owner of our apartment was chatting to us and remarked on 'what warm weather we're having'. This, is warm weather. This week is supposed to have really nice weather and then next week on Thursday, the snow comes! 

At the moment, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by being here. It might be the fact that my body doesn't know what time it is and I don't really know which meals to eat when. But I am beyond happy about being here, and so excited to see what this city has in-store for me this month. 

This was a detailed post...I have no idea how much detail my latter posts will have as I might get over this very quickly, but for now, ranting!

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