Friday, 25 January 2013

Library, Stamps and Bakery Adventures

Today (22nd) was Emma's last day in New York (ahh!) We spent the morning watching the inauguration (happiness) and eating yummy food, before heading out into the COLD for an adventure, parent free.

Em really wanted to go see the Lions at the front of the State Library, but unfortunately, because today was MLK Day, it was a public holiday and the library was closed! But we went anyway just to see the architecture of the building.

After enjoying the view of the library, we set out on a bakery tour, with a stamp shop side stop. We boarded the subway and I managed to NOT get us all lost, which I am rather proud of. The first bakery was Milk and Cookies, which we loved. We had, cookies.

Next, was the stamp shop. It was mind-blowingly amazing. Literally, walls of stamps.

Then we found this building...and freaked out. Future home.

We also went into the Strand Book Store, which is a huge famous book shop.

We hit up bakery number 2, which was Momofuku Milk Bar. We had yet more cookies, and filled ourselves up, so we headed back into the city, where we met up with the parents and went to see Lincoln at the cinemas, in honour of Obama's inauguration.

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