Thursday, 17 January 2013

MoMA Times

Today we woke up to almost snow! It was more of a thick frost, but I consider it snow because I want it to be snow. We had a lazy morning, as we were feeling a bit under the weather and our beds are very snuggly. When we did finally venture into the city, it was pretty much afternoon and we stopped for lunch. After all, we'd had a taxing fifteen minute bus drive from Jersey to New York, we deserved some fries. Meals here are always gigantic.

It was our last day of our New York Passes, so although there was not much left of the day, we wanted to at least do something. So we headed to the MoMA to have a first look (we will definitely return for a more in depth visit!)

The inside was a super beautiful modern building, a given at the Museum of Modern Art. I loved the way the levels revealed at certain balconies and stairwells. 

The MoMA was full of familiar works.

I can definitely appreciate a lot of modern art, the skill and talent behind the works, but there are of course, some of the more 'conceptual' pieces that I just don't get. So we took photos of me looking confused next to them (because that's the appropriate thing to do in this situation).

This one was great. Read the citation for an in-depth understanding:

The MoMA was a mixed feelings experience. It was amazing to see some of the really famous works of Picasso, Monet, Dali, van Gogh, Warhol and Pollock, but there was a lot of art that I looked at and just thought 'WHAT?' I guess I'm just not cultured enough to understand, but I hope we get a chance to go back, explore a few more levels, and perhaps take a guided tour so I can educate myself on the artistic value of 'Stains'.

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