Friday, 25 January 2013

Momofuku Milk Bar

We loved this place. It was so fun. As soon as we walked in, Emma asked them why it was called a 'milk bar' and they explained that they took the atmosphere of a bar, and replaced the alcohol with milk. We told them that in Australia there were places actually called milk bars, that sold milkshakes and things and they had no idea!

The whole place was very cool. They didn't have a huge range, but everything they had looked super yum. They have this thing called cereal milk, which is like crushed cereals mixed with milk, and they also make it as an ice-cream, which they gave us a sample of because they're super sweet.

We had cookies and milk.

Emma had a compost cookie, which is made of a mix of all these yummy things like cornflakes and pretzels and chocolate and butterscotch.

Amelia had a cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie which was divine.

And lastly, I had a blueberry and cream cookie and holey moley it was good. My perfect cookie right there. I am tempted to get their cook book JUST for this recipe. 

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