Friday, 25 January 2013

Road Trip Y'all

Today (23rd) we drove Emma back to college. We hired a car, and were off on the wrong side of the road!

The American landscape is pretty different to ours I thought.

Passed Newtown, Connecticut.

We stopped in Hartford, the capital of Connecticut for lunch and it was a ghost town, but we found a tavern for lunch where the chef played pool in the games room when he wasn't cooking our food.

And uh, SNOW. The further north we got, the colder it got. It got really really cold let me tell you.

And then suddenly there were signs for Smith and we were in Massachusetts.

Northampton is an utterly gorgeous town. Every single house is amazing looking.

And then we found Emma's place!

She gave us the grand tour of her dorm house, and introduced us to all her friends as 'my four Australians'. The family headed back out into the cold to find a motel to stay in while I hung out with all of Em's dorm mates and helped them build a bookshelf out of cardboard boxes (yep, it was cool). Then we met back up with the family for dinner in town and had a gigantic pizza.

Emma and I were dropped back at the house, and we sat and talked with her friends for literally hours. They are all super cool and it just made me want to go to her college! College seems like one big sleepover! Then I crashed on her dorm room floor and we slept in the freezing cold Massachusetts night (not that her dorm was cold, nice and toasty in fact!) I am going to miss her ah!

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