Saturday, 12 January 2013

Scary shops and Spies

So today, we had planned to go to this spy exhibition and the Rockefeller Centre, but the fog today was the heaviest its been since we got here, so it wasn't the best day to got to the top of the Rock, as we wouldn't be able to see much! So, we went into the city for the spy thing, and not sure what else to do.

The spy exhibition was called 'Spy: The Secret World of Espionage" and was run by the same crowd who do the Harry Potter exhibition (which is also currently in New York, but we saw in Sydney). It had lots of things about spies (obviously) and different cases and lots of examples of hidden cameras and things like that. I found it very interesting, especially the stuff about Operation Ghost Stories, which I had never heard of, but was obviously big news over here. What was the most interesting part of the exhibition was the way they portrayed spies on each side. The Rosenburgs were considered these huge traitors, but on the other side, the Russian spies who gave information the the CIA, were deemed heros. Technically, they're both doing the same thing, but on opposite sides. So the tone used was pretty revealing!

I couldn't take photos in the exhibition which was lame, but Dad bought a shirt that has a picture of one of the spy pigeons and says 'don't shoot the messenger'. It's a bit cleaver. 

After, we had lunch at a random buffet (I am not a fan of buffets because I don't like my food touching which is like the definition of buffets. Weird, I know). Then we decided to line up to get half price tickets to a Broadway show for tonight (cause it was still too foggy for the Rock). So Dad lined up and the rest of us went shopping (no shame).

We went to the Disney store which overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. (Julia take note).

So many screaming children though. Then we ventured into Forever 21 which kind of blew my mind. Firstly, it was 5 levels. It was the size of the Pitt Street Mall Myer. Not even joking. And there was top 40 music pumping and so many people smiling and it was scary. It's the first real American clothing store we've been in  (except hollister, which was also scary) and HOLY MOLEY this shiz is cheap. I paid $9.99 for a coat. Like, a coat coat. I thought it was $19.99 and then at the cash register the girl said "That'll be 999" and I had a minor freak cause I thought it meant $999 and I had read the tag wrong and then she repeated herself and I freaked out about how cheap it was. (you don't care about how cheap my coat was sorry). ANYWAY, it was seriously scary. And there were loads of people and I got overwhelmed. But it's okay because cheap clothes.

After escaping, we nerded out about time square and took photos (Amelia trying to take photos on my camera. She's uh, learning).

And then we caught the bus home, to chill and get ready before we go to Phantom of the Opera on Broadway tonight (did I forget to mention that, well, yes. Phantom.) Happiness continues.


(and I almost missed our stop on the bus after my family had already gotten off and had to awkwardly ask the bus driver to let me off after he'd driven off. This kind of thing only ever happens to me.)

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