Sunday, 20 January 2013


Today, we took a trip out to SoHo and went shopping! The area is famous for its shopping strip and we came home with goodies from shower gel to stationary to jumpers to t-shirts. Successful day! SoHo out of all the areas, feels like home most of all. it could easily be Newtown or Surry Hills or perhaps even Summer Hill. It's got a similar vibe to the Inner West. Emma bought gigantic snow boots for frosty living in Massachusetts and they are possibly the warmest shoes on the planet.

I didn't take any photos in SoHo, so this post is a bit bare! We came home and Emma and I went on an adventure to the local supermarket, which is a crazy crazy store, with shelves piled to the roof, about half a metre of space in the isles and crazy foods from all around the world. And most of the food is the Spanish version of normal brands! We came home with ingredients for macaroni and cheese...and ice cream and fluff which is this weird vanilla marshmallow spread made of sugar and laughter and happiness.

Em and I made mac and cheese and it was fabulous and then we hung out at home and watched a movie because we are a wild parting family.

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