Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Rock, Bridge and Ice Skating

Today was definitely one of my favourite days so far in New York. It was super cold all day, mostly -3 degrees! The cold gets into you, and freezes your blood I swear. We found ourselves in the city and decided to take a quick trip to times square to take Emma there. We were standing taking photos....

When I heard someone call out my name. And there, in times square, in New York City, on the other side of the world, was my friend Dante who I've gone to school with for most of my life. They say that if you stand in times square for fifteen minutes, you'll see someone you know. Well, I didn't believe it until today. It was so strange but amazing! And Dante, yes of course you made my travel blog!!

After parting our ways, we ogled over the big stairs in Time Square, bought some scarves, got coffee and jumped up and down.

Then, we headed to the Rockefeller Centre. After a short pit stop at Magnolia Bakery, we found the building.

There was a veryyy cool elevator ride up, with flashing lights and music, and then suddenly we were standing on the first viewing deck, one of three, looking at the most amazing view, like, ever. We had been saving the top of the Rock for a really beautiful clear day, so we could have the best view possible. Today, was perfect.

Dad is Papa Smurf. I mean look at that hat.

This was such an amazing place to be on a clear day like today. The view just went on for miles. It reminds you what a remarkable city this is. 

There were three levels. Two had big glass panels instead of fencing  which made photos easier, and then the top had a short fence but no glass so we could get crisp and clear photos!

I feel beyond blessed that I was able to share this day with my amazing best friend. I am so excited to explore more of the city with her this week, and then see her college when we drive her to Smith before her classes start. We jumped some more (people look at us weird but that's okay).

After recovering from our ears popping like crazy on the lifts going down, we jumped on a subway out to Brooklyn, to walk back over the bridge into Manhattan. 

The bridge is an amazing architectural example, and once again, provided mind blowing views of the city. Despite the 'crisp' weather, the walk was wonderful.

It was a bit chilly near the water...

More jumping...

Ma and Pa

On the other side, we were officially frozen to the bone, so we got waffles from the same place I had them the other day, and they were amaze.

After waffles, we got on another train back to the Rockefeller Centre, where we went ice-skating in the evening! It was super lovely with all the fairy lights in the trees around and the magnificent golden sculpture! I love ice-skating not gonna lie.'

Obviously I have the right people in my life.

After our session, the most amazing thing happened! A couple got engaged in the middle of the rink! He got down on one knee and then put the ring on her finger and everyone cheered when they kissed. It was probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen. In the skates room, we wished her congratulations and she showed us her ring! It was beautiful and sparkly! So it was a lovely ending to the day, and I feel lucky to have seen such a special moment!

After, we walked back to our bus stop and caught the bus back to Jersey. We got off our bus a little early to go to a cute Mexican restaurant that our landlord had recommended. As per USA usual, the meals were gigantic, but pretty great! We walked home along the park on the water front, with the amazing New York Night Cityscape in the background. Then we got home and collapsed. Biggest, but most wonderful day!! 

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