Thursday, 10 January 2013

The sights

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, so we thought we'd use to opportunity to do some touristy things that are better when the sun is shining, aka, river cruise! After getting semi lost in the city trying to find Macy's and then working out way to the wharf, we were on board.

By the time we got there, the top deck was packed so we retreated into the heated bottom deck, but luckily for us, the opened the bow, and not too many people went there, so we could rush out to take pictures and then retreat inside to defrost.

I continue to be amazed by the city and how beautiful it is. On such a clear day like today, the buildings shine and the water glistens and it is picture perfect (which was convenient because i took 486 in total today!) 

We were standing out on the bow when suddenly the statue of liberty came into view. Another breath taking site. But honestly, really really amazing. You hear about this statue so much and it was so fantastic to be able to see it. 

Unfortunately, because of Sandy, the Island is closed so we couldn't go have a closer look, and climb up into her torch. Sandy has damaged a lot of New York. Even our apartment has water damage from the storm. It's a shame that there are quite a few places we can't visit while we're here, but hopefully some of them will be open when I am back later this year!

I've dressed up as the statue of liberty to costume parties...twice.

Today was another day of feeling overwhelmed and incredibly blessed to be spending time in New York.

Taking photos seriously, always.

The cruise lasted two hours and took us all the way along the river and back. There was a guy talking about what we were seeing, which was really helpful because I know so little about the history of New York and all the buildings. So I enjoyed that!

Gah, the city is so pretty.

Today was the most perfect day for this tourist adventure. Everyone from Circle Line Sightseeing was incredibly kind and made the whole afternoon super fun! After docking back at the pier, we caught a taxi back to time square (so tired from the walk to the pier) and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, which was fabulous but the meals where HUGE. Actually, every time we eat out we get these gigantic plates of food. I guess Americans just really love food (which is fine by me for the record).

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  1. New York looks like such a wonderful place to be :). Hopefully I'll be able to get there sometime in the next few years!