Thursday, 17 January 2013


I can't talk about it too much, because I don't have words. I have been looking forward to this day for so long. I am the jealousy of way too many of my friends. It. Was. Fab. Everything I wanted, and I had high expectations. I may or may not have gotten too excited and shrieked quietly to myself at several points and then sung Loathing and Popular out loud to my dad while we walked from our seats and out the theatre at the end, ignoring the weird looks from other people. It was just good okay. And I just really really liked it okay.

Loathing was probably my favourite song, and Defying Gravity was fab also, obviously. Glinda was my favourite character and the actress was Alli Mauzey and she was amaze and when she did Popular I almost passed out with happy because she was so good and she just looked like she was having so much fun with the character. 

Sneaky pre-show set photo!

The set was so interesting and special, but I actually was more impressed by Phantom's set. But the actor's performances and the storyline in Wicked was better than Phantom in ma personal oh-pin-yohn.

I felt very lucky to see this show on Broadway and it's a memory that I will definitely treasure for a long time to come.

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