Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An update

Back home, slowly shifting back into normality! back to work at my favourite little jewellery  store, on the bus everyday and catching up with people. It's all a little strange because I feel like I should be heading back to school, yet I'm not. What should be my 'holiday' is now over. Gap year life, I guess.

The hardest part of being on a gap year is definitely the period before I'm travelling, where all my friends start uni and get busy with all the new things happening in their life, and I'm just, not. My entire friend group from school, bar one, is going straight to uni, and mostly to USYD. So it's easy to feel a little left behind. 

Having said that, the gap year plans are in full swing! Our flights are officially booked! My best friend Bridget and I fly out of Sydney on May 30th, to LA (via a stop over in Auckland). We have a week on the west coast before camp starts, and I fly to Minneapolis. Then CAMP is June and July, with August filled exciting travel through the US, landing in New York, where we have a flight booked out (a VISA requirement above all things). Then, we flight to Iceland for a couple of days because well, Iceland is the best, and then we're in Paris! Then Europe happens, before we fly home from London, via Dubai. In Europe, we've bought a flexitrip Busabout ticket, which will take us from Paris up through Belgium, through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, back to Germany, and then down into Rome, with our final stop being Rome. The loose plan its to then work our way up through Italy, into France and then head over to the UK for a while before heading home. It's a gigantic adventure and I'm so excited and so petrified!

My US working VISA got approved this week after the huge hassle that is the US consulate. That shiz is legit let me tell you. But hallelujah, it got approved and i can legally work on my camp!

Other things that have happened since we've been back, are some exciting opportunities for me to make some mulla, and OnSTAGE, that was pretty fun.

OnSTAGE is the showcase of the top HSC drama major works in NSW. It has a concert, where the performance Individual Projects and Group Projects perform, and it also has an exhibition of the design and critical analysis Individual Projects. Getting into OnSTAGE was definitely a big goal for me during the HSC and I put ridiculous amounts of work into my IP so when I found out it was accepted, I was beyond excited!! I did an Applied research Project, about the influence of Ralph Myers' design background on his role as artistic director of Belvoir Theatre. It was also really interesting to read the other ARPs that were in the exhibition. Literally each one was completely different in format and ideas. It just shows that no-one who did ARP really had any clue what to do and just made it up as we went along (or at least I know I did). I'm so glad the markers appreciated that we all did it a bit differently! but it was a great night and it was great to see the two performance IPs and two GPs that were selected for the concert from Newtown (NHSPA pride forever).

So it's strange and good to be home. But I know there are many good things coming my way this year and I will definitely be using this blog to keep track of my adventures, for the pleasure of anyone who feels like reading it. In fact, I've got a photography project in the works which will be revealed very very soon...two weeks to be exact, and that's not the only thing that's happening in two week (hint hint).

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