Friday, 1 February 2013

Australia Day in this big wide city

Today (26th) was freezing cold, and Australia Day, which was all sorts of strange for us. There was snow on the ground. Real. Snow. This is our balcony, Dad's artsy photography yo.

We headed to the Australian, to have lunch. Julia Gillard went there once, and if it's good enough for the PM, it's good enough for us. We underestimated how much of a big deal Australia Day would be at New York's main Australian watering hole, and didn't book. But they took pity on us because we were Australian and found us a table!

They knew what a lemon lime bitters was (hallelujah) and all the waiters were Aussie's in shorts and t-shirts. Mum brought Aussie flag tattoos which were donated to the waiters and  brought much happiness. We had lunch with my friend Sam who is also here. Lunch was lots of 'Aussie' foods. Probably not the best meal we've had here, but it had a really great atmosphere.

And they knew what lemon lime bitters is so they're forgiven for their disappointing pavlova.

After lunch, our waitress directed us to the only cafe in New York (coincidently run by Australians) that could actually make decent coffee. Then we went and saw Zero Dark Thirty at the cinema which was fabulous, and should win some Oscars. Big Day. Good Day!

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