Friday, 1 February 2013

Busy Times

This morning (29th) we headed out early, which was awful as you can imagine, to go visit the Blue School. Mum's ex-work college's brother in law or something like that works at this progressive, independent school in Lower Manhattan. We had a grand tour of the school. It's very creativity based and stimulative and basically the coolest looking school ever. Those kids better appreciate how good they've got it!

After our tour, we went to the South Street Seaport and did a bit of shopping. This area was pretty badly effected by Sandy, and a lot of the shops were closed. But it had amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounds!

Next, we were off to 5th Avenue, and the famous Tiffany and Co.

Inside was insane. So many levels! And so so much jewellery. We chatted with a security guard, who pointed out some rings that were millions of dollars each. Literally. I bought a little necklace, and Amelia bought a ring to remember our trip by. We headed towards Central Park again. I found my favourite waffle cart again and bought three jars of this amazing gingerbread spread stuff they sell. Life changing.

We love squirrels.

And the little Birdy.

Dad headed off to visit the American Museum of Natural History once again, and Mum, Amelia and I went to the Central Park Zoo! The film Madagascar is an inaccurate representation of the zoo, but I still loved it. They have animals that I have never seen in zoos back home. So that was fun.

I fell in l.o.v.e. with the sea lions.

And the red pandas, I love them too.

Sleepy polar bear.

Pretty birds.

The zoo has a tropical sections, with an area where birds fly all around you and you can get really close. They also have all the reptiles and frogs and fun little furry things.

After zoo excitement, we joined Dad at the Blue Notes Jazz Club.

We had dinner and watched a Jazz show which was a quintessential New York activity, therefore necessary. Then we headed home and passed out.

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