Friday, 1 February 2013

Carlos and fancy restaurants

Today (25th), was the day of all days. The Mecca of all bakeries. It was...Carlos Bakery. I know guys, I know. We caught a New Jersey Bus to Hoboken, which was fun. THe buses here announce what the street you're stopping at is. Sydney, get on that. 

After a stroll down the main drag, there it was.

Maybe I freaked out a bit (I did). but no-one except Caitlin understands how much I watch Cake Boss and how important this visit was.

Happy Soph.

Valentines Day themed window.

Cake action.

Inside. Yep, I was pretty disappointed that none of the family was there and it was all just paid staff working at the shop, but it was amazing to just be inside!

Where the magic happens. We left with a bit of a gigantic goodies bag. I bought a shirt and Amelia bought a mug, because it was necessary.

Crumb cake.

Sugar cookies.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake.


In the evening, after our Hoboken adventure, we headed into the city. I did a bit of shopping, and then we went out to a fancy seafood restaurant. In order to attract people into the city during the winter, they run a thing called Restaurant Week, where upper market restaurants offer three course meal deals for a fraction of their normal cost. We went to Lure Fish Bar and had a fancy seafood feast.

It should also be noted, that there was pretty much a snow storm while we were in the city! It was like snow coming at you in every direction and people rushing and snow in your eyes and amazing! Overwhelming, but amazing! Snow is so foreign to me!

Best. Day. Ever.

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