Monday, 4 February 2013

Central Park and the Guggenhiem

Today (1st February) we slept in while Amelia escaped early to revisit the Met. When we did finally emerge from our warm cocoon of an apartment, we ventured uptown. We walked across Central Park, along the shore of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

Despite the lack of leaves on the trees, Central Park is such a beautiful area. It's pretty surreal to walk through and think to myself, "I'm walking through Central Park in New York City". But then again, I feel like almost every moment we spend in this city is special.

When we reached the other side of the park, we ventured to the Guggenhiem.

It's a pretty amazing structure!

Unfortunately, the museum was undergoing an upgrade so most of the exhibitions were closed. We wish we had known there would be so few exhibitions to see before we went in! But it was still an experience, and now we can say we went to the gug! (even if we saw about 10 artworks in total)

The inside of the building had really interesting architecture, with strangely shaped spaces throughout. They were pretty nasty about taking photos literally anywhere inside, which is a shame! (I will never understand why you're not allowed to take photos in museums).

We met back up with Amelia inside, and then we all decided to head home as it was a pretty miserable day! We got pizza and watched a movie inside our toasty home. I will be sad to leave this central heating let me tell you.

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