Friday, 1 February 2013

Exploring, Shopping and Picnic

Today (31st), Mum and Amelia went back to the MoMA, and Dad and I had an adventure. We bought tickets at the box office for Picnic tonight, which was great, as it was probably our last chance to see some theatre while we're here! We went into the State Library again to attempt to print something, but had no luck. We wandered through Bryant Park and had Mexican for lunch. The fountain had melted in the warm weather we had yesterday.

We went shopping and bought loads of wonderful things, before meeting up with Mum and Amelia in the late afternoon. We headed to St Patrick's Cathedral. 

It is a huge and fantastic church with amazing architecture that took my breath away.

We did some more shopping and then had dinner at my favourite place in times square, Ruby Tuesdays. Then it was time for Picnic!

My friend Sam had raved about it so I was very keen to see it. The set was fantastic. I took a sneaky photo.

I was impressed by the strong female cast of the play. When it first ended, I was a bit confused and underwhelmed, but the more time I have had to think about it, the more I enjoyed the play and the production. It was a stark contrast to the modern theatre of Clive and Sleep No More, but I think it was powerful in its own way. The messages and stories were subtle and not quiet as predictable as the appeared on the surface. It was a good note to end our theatrical experiences on. Cheers New York and Picnic. 

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