Friday, 1 February 2013

Harlem Gospel Choir Adventure

This morning (27th) Mum and I got up ridiculously earl (like 8am, what the heck) and ventured into Harlem to attend a Gospel Church service. We went to The Greater Refugee Temple. I'd read some not so positive reviews about some of the churches in Harlem having a less than ideal attitude towards tourists and visitors. But we found The Great Refugee Temple and it's congregation to be very welcoming and friendly. Visitors were show to a seat, but sat with the congregation, not segregated. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos, but these are from their website

The entire congregation and the speakers and pastor were all incredibly passionate and the church had the most amazing atmosphere. A lot of the service was sung and people were free to call out, stand up, or dance in the aisles. The whole church was very Christ centred and literally electric with excitement about being there. The Gospel choir was an amazing experience.

We left after three hours and the service was no where near winding down. it was very inspiring and overwhelming! We met up with Amelia and Dad, and the three of them went and had lunch in Harlem before coming home and chilling out. I went into the city to try and get tickets to a play with Sam, with no success. I ended up wandering around the city, shopping and seeing the sights (spending too long in a guitar store). I got to visit the Hershey and MnM stores and Toys R Us! After Sam's play finished (three hours, long play!) we had dinner at Shake Shake which is always packed and had the best peanut butter shake ever. Then I headed home on the bus to NJ. Pretty proud of myself for surviving my solo city escapades!

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