Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hawaii and Home

We've been home three weeks today. It's strange to think that I was in New York City this time three weeks ago. Or at least I was in Hawaii. Or I had just got back. We flew out of New York, the long, painful trip across the country. Domestic. Ugh. And we landed to a setting Hawaii sun. 

I fell head over heels for Hawaii. I absolutely love the atmosphere of the place. We stayed one night in Honolulu but I wish I'd had more time. After getting ourselves set up in our hotel room (we get a free room upgrade and Amelia and I slept in separate beds for the first time in a month) we wandered down the street, through markets where we bought a few Hawaiian treasures. A ring, which I will keep with me for the rest of my days if I can help it. And then suddenly, Waikiki beach. There is a reason this place is famous. How it took our breathe away.

We stayed to watch the sun sink down bellow the horizon, spraying shades of orange, pink, purple across the beach. The water was warm and the place felt like one big relaxed sigh of relief. We followed the main road along, and found a fresh food markets with stalls selling cookies and pineapple and coconut peanut butter. We ate our very last American meal, complete with huge chocolate sundays. IT was necessary. Our final hurrah. 

And then we tucked ourselves into bed in our big king beds with squeaky clean sheets and slept like little babies. The next morning, blueberry muffins for breakfast and we were off to the airport.

It was sad to wave goodbye to Hawaii and New York. It has been the most wonderful trip for me. So many adventures. I have loved sharing these memories with my family and my best friend. I have loved all the special moments I've had in the city of dreams. 

I feel blessed to have parents willing to take me along to a big city and provide me with the opportunity to see so many sights and make so many memories in the first place. January 2013 will be a month I will treasure for the rest of my life. Furthermore, this year I will spend six more months away, and I have loved to start this adventure overseas with my family by my side.

If you have been following our adventure on this blog, thank you for reading. It has been a pleasure to be able to write here and record the memories, and be able to share them with our friends and family. 

Thank you New York, I'll see you again in August.

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