Monday, 4 February 2013

Last Day in NYC

Today (3rd) , was our very last day in New York. We spent the morning testing whether we would be able to fit all our stuff into our six suitcases. Success. After we'd packed, we caught our NJ bus into the city for the very last time.

We went on a final shopping trip and walked through the streets of the city for the last time. I know I'll miss the constant buzz of times square and the lights that make 9pm feel like 7am. I went off on my own and wandered down to 34th Street. It was so cold and I was in tights but I couldn't help but smile to myself, the cold reminding me that I was walking down Broadway in New York City.

The Empire State Building glowed in red and purple hues, a final spectacular view. I met back up with the family and we had our goodbye dinner at a fabulous Italian Restaurant La Masseria. The best gnocchi I've ever ever had and flawlessly cooked fish.

After dinner, it was time for our final bus ride home. Our bus was strangely empty, which was a bit of a weird last ride, but we were able to relax and enjoy the trip home.

I always used to roll my eyes when I heard people return from trips to this city, chirping about how they'd fallen in love with it. "How do you fall in love with a city?" I would ask myself. But I guess I've been converted. Because now I'm one of those people. It's hard to understand unless you've been here, but New York has an energy unlike anywhere else. It's electric. It makes you want to do something, change everything. I know that this city will call me back one day. I'm returning for a short while later this year, but I feel like this is a city that I want to spend a lot longer in. New York is the windy city, the big wide city, it's a lot of things. But it truly is the city of dreams. Thank you for the memories that I've made on this trip, New York. Thank you for the people I've met and the sights I've seen; the tastes I've tried, the sounds I've heard, the countless breathtaking moments. Thank you for every minute. You are forever flawless, forever fabulous.

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  1. god how i love NYC! i went for the first time this fall and i still catch myself day dreaming about it. i want to move there so bad that it hurts. too bad trips need to come to an end :(

    xo Marlen
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