Monday, 4 February 2013

Washington D.C.

Today (2nd) we were up at the crack of dawn (no seriously the sun wasn't even up, to me that's a sign that I should stay in bed), into the city, to Penn Station, to board a train to Washington D.C! The train trip there went surprisingly fast which was pretty great.

Union Station was pretty damn impressive for the record. So fancy.

We had booked a hop on hop off tour bus which grave us a nice tour around the city, and we could go and explore different sites as we chose. We took a bit of a tour of sites that were nice to look up but we didn't have the time to get off at.

The bus had an open top. We ventured up top, but it was so incredibly cold when the bus was moving that you could barely smile without your teeth aching from the temperature.

We got off at the Lincoln Memorial. We had a column lesson via Dad and explored the amazing structure.

After soaking up the sights, it was back on the bus. We decided to check out the National Museum of American History.

We didn't really have time to see much, but we had lunch and visited a couple of exhibitions quickly, including Julia Child's kitchen (eeeeee)

Back on the bus!

We had a few issues with the bus company, but overall it was a pretty good way to see the city on a speedy trip! The bus took us through Georgetown, which I would have loved to explore on foot! It was full of the most amazing houses. Every single one was perfect! The area of Washington where all the government buildings are is creepily like Canberra. In fact, Canberra was mentioned by the tour bus commentary because like Canberra, Washington D.C. is a city built for the purpose of being the country's capital. It's a district, not a state!

Also, Obama.

So soon, it was time for the train trip home! Thank you Washington D.C. for our lighting speed visit of sights and sounds!

Our train randomly stopped for ages and ages, but we did finally get home!

AND, it started snowing while we were training it home, and when we got back to New York it was snow covered!

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