Thursday, 28 March 2013

Changing Times

Today marks sixty-three days until I leave for my six month gap year adventure. It has crept up on me so very very much. It feels like a few days ago I was writing my drama major work and stressing out about the thought of exams, this trip simply an idea in the back of my mind. And now, flights are booked, accommodation slowly being sorted, everything gradually falling into place. And the departure date looming just over the two month mark.

I'm excited to see how this trip changes me, grows me. Right now, I'm just meek little just turned eighteen Sophie, who's never spent more than about two weeks away from home by myself and thinks a tough time is someone else eating the last slice of cake. But I know that by the end of this journey, I'll be worldly Sophie, with a mind full of stories and adventures of distant lands (Wisconsin is clearly a distant land guys okay). But I'm excited to see who am by the end of all this.

As we plan more, I can't help but make a list of all the places I want to visit other than what I will get a chance to see this time around. Greece and Spain and India and Bali and Russia to name just a few. And all that does is get me even more excited for the rest of my life.

I am just excited about most things okay.

For one hundred and eighty-five days of this year I will wake up everyday with a very different view out of my bedroom window. And you guessed it, I'm pretty excited about that.

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