Thursday, 4 April 2013

3/52: Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline Grace. This little monkey is the daughter of my Mum's youngest brother, and she is grandchild number eighteen out of nineteen, while I am number ten (bang in the middle). She's a special creature Miss Jacqui. She's full of fire and laughter and has always been a bit special to me, ever since she was a baby. Now she's eight and all grown up and she makes ME feel really old because there's a ten year gap between us. She has the greatest laugh you'll ever hear and she's so cheeky, but in a way that makes you want to pick her up and throw her up into the air before catching her and cuddling her for hours (which I do as much as possible). I am la-la-loving watching her grow up and I wish distance didn't keep me from seeing her as often as I would like. Jacqui is sassier than any of us could ever dream to be and is going to go so far in this world it's so exciting.

p.s. Of course you made it onto my blog Jacqs, I love you!!

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