Wednesday, 24 April 2013

5/52: Catherine

This lady here is my Nana. She's ninety-one years old and pretty awesome. My middle name was given to me in honour of her. I have memories of fruit trees in her backyard, fishing frogs out of her pool and making fairy flower rings on her lawn as a child. She likes roast lamb, strawberry and cream sponge cakes and scones. Our dog loves her more than anything and Nana calls Marli her 'granddog'. I like that she still has a sense of humour, despite having a rough few months recently. I love her old stories of my Dad when he was little and she is a constant provider of chocolate to my household. She loves to spoil us grand kids and Amelia and I are lucky to be the babies of the family, so we are especially spoilt! She's stoic and has beaten breast cancer. I think she might forget how much we love her sometimes. But she's just a pretty awesome lady whom I love very very much and I am blessed to have in my life. 

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