Sunday, 14 April 2013

And everything nice

On the fifth of April, I had a wonderful night surrounded by the people I love, celebrating my 18th birthday. I'm a bit of the baby of my friends, as my birthday falls the year after a lot of people, so I was one of the last people to (finally) hit the big one eight. I had a 'Sugar and Spice' party in our background with everything wonderful. It was pretty great.

Pinterest is a dangerous place for a party planner (some of my inspiration can be found here). But I definitely knew what I wanted, and got a littleeeee excited with my decorations! Sewing my own dress was a really good idea the week before while standing in Wollongong Spotlight buying material. Mum ended up making 87% of it because I'm a little bit incapable (I tried I swear). 

The theme sugar and spice was very appropriate for my personality I thought, and guests were encouraged to interpret it as they saw fit, so we good a good variety of red hot chilli pepper members to fairy floss costumes. We had a fairy floss machine, a 'sugar bar' and the best bartender on this side of the harbour. There as much dancing and laughing and wonderful people and I felt very blessed the whole entire night. 

Shout out to my magnificent parents, my three uncles who were the best bouncers you can buy, my sister and her boyfriend who helped so so much with the set up and pack up, my grandma Ann for letting me borrow her sewing machine during Easter and all my friends who trekked it to the inner-west from their various ends of the globe to be there. 

It was a night I will forever treasure

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