Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Today marks sixteen days until I am off on my trip. It's pretty darn scary how much it has snuck up on me! I feel like yesterday I was so excited about it being one hundred days, and then suddenly a thirty days, and now we're almost there. I bought my bag the other day and I felt like I was buying a wedding dress. It's actually HUGE when full of stuff.

For those who don't know what I'm up to (just in case I haven't ranted to you yet), on May 30th I fly with my amazing best friend Bridget, from Sydney to Los Angeles, via a stop over in Auckland. We are then spending a week in LA staying with my best friend Emma and her fabulous Grandma. On the 8th of June I am flying from LA to Minneapolis via Texas (yes major detour I know but it was the cheapest flight), to meet up with the other international staff for my camp! Then the next day we all drive to our camp in Minong, Wisconsin - Birch Trail Camp for Girls. We have a week's training before the kids arrive! There are two 4 week sessions. Some kids stay for the whole two months while others come for just one session. It's going to  be a really really intense two months but I am looking forward to it SO much! On camp I am running both the guitar program and the camp play!

My camp finishes on August 9th. From there, my plans are VERY loose. I know that I definitely want to visit Nashville, and my wonderful dear friend Julia will be working at Disney World in Florida, so that's definitely on the list. I have vague plans to go to Chicago and Detroit for a few days, then go down to Nashville, and then to Florida, and then work my way up the east coast to New York. Bridget and I have flights booked out of the US on September 4th.

We fly to Iceland for a few days, before arriving in Paris and starting a trip following the Busabout flexitrip route.

Hopefully this should take us down to Rome, and then we make our way back up through Italy and the West of France and probably back to Paris to then go over to the UK. Our time in the UK, which will probably be around November, will be full of visiting various family and friends all around, ending up with my own flight home from London via Dubai to arrive back in Sydney on December 1st (in time for Taylor Swift - yes). Bridget's adventures will continue on through to Mexico and back to the States because she's a lucky duck!

I am very overwhelmed and even more excited. You can follow my journey on this very blog, but unfortunately it won't be as regular as it was in New York as I won't have the luxury of daily internet access; especially when I'm on camp and working like a slave (but loving every second)!!

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