Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hollywood times

On the 7th, Bridge and I tried to get into Hollywood but it took us like three hours so we missed the walking tour. So we wandered.

We went to IHOP for lunchand had pancakes weow

There are 6 pancakes there. Gah.

But we went to Madame Tussards which was exciting! Now enjoy these photos of us posing.

In the afternoon, we met up with Emma and Donna drove us to West Hollywood and went to a cute little French style cafe!

It was super nice to hang out with her and catch up on everything that she's been up to!

We JUST missed a bus so we decided to walk down in the right direction and find a new bus! But it was great because we found the a cake shop so I was happy.

In the evening we went to Venice to the food trucks and had cupcakes. And they won cupcakes wars so I love it.

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