Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer summer summer camp

Today, the campers are coming! I thought I'd wander around and take photos before the kids all come so you can see what it's like here!

I am in TM cabin, which like I've said before looks a it scary, but it's not really that bad! It's super big, and fits about 50 girls. First session this summer, we have 37 girls and 4 counselors.

Were sleeping out in the cabin with the girls this year, instead of in the conselor room up the back, which is new this year. We shall see how that goes!

This is my bunkkk. Prizes for anyone who can guess where I'm from.

This is our cabin. It's pretty far away from the main camp site, which is a good walk away. Gonna get fit y the end of summer form walking back and forth!

This is part of Linden village, which is 12-13 year olds. Our village is through the trees on the right and up the hill.

This is Pixley, which is like our 'auditorium', with a stage and space to sit and stuff. This is where the camp play is!

This is the Baer Lodge, where we eat our meals, cheer, and have meetings!

There are loads of these wooden swings around camp, and wooden seats which are fun to hang out on! These lovely ladies are three of the BLT counselors, which is the age under TMs.

On camp we have golf carts to get around. Specialty staff and the leadership team drive them and give us lifts. TM and BLT counselors get special treatment because we're so far away!

This is the Office, where all the leadership team have desks and you can go to chat to the camp directors and all the people in charge! The deck out the front is where guitar is!

The leadership team are the bestest. Katelyn looks after my vegemite.

Spreading some Aussie pride.

Through here is just the Maple Village, with more cabins and things!

Lake Pokegama, where all the sailing, canoeing, swimming and water skiing happens.

The campers come in a couple of hours and everything is about to get crazy! With 37 fifteen year olds in my cabin, not sure I'll be sleeping a lot for the next few weeks.

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