Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Days tick by

It's a little scary to remember that I've been on camp for forty-five days. What's scarier is that i have been here for longer than I have left. Camp finishes in seventeen days, which is overwhelming for my campers, who's journey as a camper here at Birch Trail ends this summer, and is a bit overwhelming for me to, as my own journey is coming to a close also. I think I'll miss camp a lot when I leave, but not as much as I will in June next year when everyone's back, and I'm, not. I'll miss the sunsets over the lake ever night that seem infinite and complex. Part of me will even miss the half an hour of cheering ever meal, which too seems infinite at the time.

But above all I'll miss the people here. The campers of course, who might keep me up at night and drive me crazy with their questions about kangaroos and asking me to say tatertots; not to mention their inability to get out of bed at 8.15 for breakfast every morning and the sassy that only a fifteen year old girl can master, but are endlessly entertaining and funny and interesting little people. I'll miss witnessing a girl finally crack that chord transition between C and D on the guitar, after so much practice her fingers bled. I'll miss the look of satisfaction when an nine year old finishes a friendship bracelet, or washes out a tie-dyed shirt to reveal the intricate pattern she's designed. I'll miss the late night moments with soda and laughter in the cabin; the random dance parties and seeing my TM girls with their camp little sisters. I'll miss the energy in the lodge during a meal, and part of me (a very small part) might even miss how my girls respond when muck muck gets served for dessert. But I guess that's why you come to camp as a counselor; to share these moments. To catch a glimpse into the life of a child, play a subtle part in the formation of their mind, of who they grow up to be. And I feel pretty lucky to be able to do that.

Beyond that, there are the staff. It's impossible not to bond with the people you live and work with for two months. We share the ups and downs that come naturally with working with children, and of course living with children. They just get what Birch Trail is like more than anyone at home can understand because they live it too. I will treasure the memories I have from camp, days and nights off, and I know that there are people here that wil stay in my life for a long time after I leave Birch Trail.

But for now, I have seventeen days to make count.

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