Monday, 8 July 2013

Moments to treasure

It's been over a month since i boarded that plane from Sydney and left my home, my family and friends and everything normal. I remember taking a walk with Marli a few days before I left, thinking this would be the last time I would be able to walk through streets and feel absolutely at home, familiar.

But within a month, Birch Trail, and Nort-west rural Wisconsin has become a home of sorts. It's kind of funny what living with this many people (and kids for that matter) does to you. Kids definitely make you appreciate the little things, the small moments. So I've started a list of moments to treasure.

  • Driving down the highway in an unnecessarily big truck, drinking ice cold Arizona iced tea for the gas station near camp, blasting some random country radio station as loud as we can without our ears hurting.
  • Eating our weigh in ice-cream at Wests in Hayward and dancing to Taylor Swift with strangers.
  • Floating down the river on tubes, without any clue where we where, what time it is, or how much time had passed, with our renegade sunscreen floating behind us. 
  • My favourite Welsh lady falling asleep on my shoulder on the car ride home.
  • Nights spent sitting on a bunk, drinking soda, and talking with my TMs way past their bed time.
  • Buying ridiculous caramel apples in Duluth with Nisha, Natalie and Sarah and sneaking them in as movie snacks at the cinema.
  • Choosing a random diner in a tiny town (Spooner, WI) for lunch and having the best meal ever, despite the fact that there were more dead animals displayed on the walls than people in the restaurant. 

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