Monday, 8 July 2013


Camp is crazy as usual with lots of exciting things happening! Here's a bit of an update on Colour Wars which we just had!

During first session, we have Pandemonium Colour Wars. The camp splits into five teams; red hearts, green clovers, blue fish, yellow stars and orange suns. TM, my girls, are the captains of the teams. They pretty much wait their whole lives to be captains so it's a really big deal for them! There are lots of special secret initiation traditions when the girls find out what team they're on, but I of course can't tell you about them, or they wouldn't be secrets! But Pandy lasts for two days and is full of cheering, and races and activities! The Leadership Team and the TM counselors are on the neutral 'purple' team, and we spend the weekend hanging out and handing out 'colour bands' which is what the girls earn to get points for their teams. They can earn colour bands for doing a whole range of things, not just for winning activities. From cheering with enthusiasm, to being good leaders to putting on sunscreen to being supportive and encouraging to the other teams. It was an awesome two days!!

Not all of TM are captains in Pandy, because there is colour wars second session too called TIAD.

Orange Suns cheering featuring their amazing mentor counselor Lian!! Each team is allocated a 'mentor' to help them lead their team.

Blue Fish captains cheering!

Orange Suns cheering.

Red Hearts Cheering!

More Orange Suns cheering!!

Some of the captains...

Green Clovers cheering!

The lovely miss Lian!

Bridget, the Yellow Suns Mentor!


Yellow Suns!

Cheering Blue Fish!

My two of my amazing co-counselors!!

I have a special place in my heart for maples hehe!!

Some of my TM girls!

TMs and maples!

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