Thursday, 22 August 2013


13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of August

All the internationals and I got ourselves to Chicago Airport for our flight down to Colorado. We were picked up at the Airport by our camp friend Annie and her beautiful mum Kate. They drove us back to their home in Boulder were we all sat up drinking champagne to celebrate Natalie's 23rd birthday! Annie and I stayed p late laying on the grass talking and staring at the stars. It was magic.

Breakfast time!

The next morning was Natalie's 23rd birthday! We presented her with a scrapbook of memories and photos and sung her the ridiculously long Birch Trail birthday song.

We went on a driving tour of the area with the whole gang. Colorado is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Seriously, look at that view!!

Emmy is Annie's sister and was one of my TM campers!

The beautiful birthday girl!

After or little tour we hung out for a while before heading to Coors Field to watch a baseball game between Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres with Annie's Dad. It was so different to see a game during the day! But wonderful!!


Annie's amazing mum Kate.

In the evening we went to dinner for Natalie's birthday at this pub place and sung the BT song even louder! I'll never get over the view here. Ever.

A giant cookie cake was had

The next day we had a pretty relaxed morning, before heading into 'downtown Boulder' for a spot of shopping and wandering!

Boulder is such a sweet hippie town!! I bought a pair of sandals because mine were falling apart! I am very pleased by them.

Only in America.

That night, we headed into Denver with Annie's Dad Lee and his girlfriend Beth to a jazz club called Dazzle Jazz and saw a show by a trumpeter called Etienne Charles. It was pretty amazing! I ate dessert for dinner because I'm an adult and I get to make adult decisions like that.

The next day, we got early to farewell Natalie who was flying out, and the drove out to Red Rocks!

Red Rocks is a music venue as it's a natural amphitheater! We went on a hike (y'all now how much I enjoy hiking but I persevered).

It was like 32 degrees and there were people like, running and uh, exercising. I repeat, there were people doing physical activity other that leisurely hiking down and up the hill in 32 DEGREE HEAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

We were all dying of heat so we drove straight from Red Rocks to a swimming pool in a tiny swimming pool called Eldorado Springs. It was pretty beautiful.

That evening, we went to a street fair in Boulder and had curry and cocktails for dinner. It was a magical final night. The next day I got up ridiculously early and jumped on a plane to Nashville.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chicago Film

A little film I put together of some of our Chicago Adventures!

Youtube link:


11th, 12th and 13th August

After an hour and a half on the train, I arrived in Chicago. It was nice to be in a big city once again. I caught a taxi to my hostel and settled in before embarking on the Chicago public transport system downtown. I caught a train downtown to millennium park.

I checked out the famous Bean sculpture, and then walked over to the Buckingham fountain which was pretty dang fabulous. And I mastered the art of the awkward canon selfie in order to photograph myself with things.

I wandered back through the park as the rain set in. And then I faced public transport again and went out to Navy pier and had dinner before meeting up with my international staff lovelies!!

Then we headed back to our hostel and crashed!

The next day, we were up early and caught a train to the Wills Building to go up on the Sky Deck! It was 103 stories up and had amazing views of the city!

We hit up lunch and then went back to the bean and met up with Mike and Sara from camp!

More buses and took us to Lincoln Park Zoo! I love the zoo! The monkeys were the best and were playing and swinging around all day!

We went back to our hostel and had dinner at a place called Silver Cloud which was yummy, and then caught a train to Wrigley Field and watched a Cubs game! We had nose bleed seats but it was super fun! After, we headed back home to our hostel and headed to bed!!

On Tuesday, I packed up my stuff in the hostel and headed out solo. I caught a bus downtown to the Adler Planetarium. The trip was so beautiful and the route it took through the city and along the shore line was basically a tour! 

I liked wandering through the planetarium and the exhibition on the moon landing was pretty awesome. 

Last night at the Cubs game, the lady selling our tickets recommended we go to see an exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Centre. So another bus ride later, I visited The Happy Show by Stephan Sagmeister. The Austrian graphic designer uses typography to explore his 'rules to live by' and the definition of happiness. It was pretty awesome to say the least.

Next, I headed to Chipotle (my one true love) and picked up some lunch and then sat at Millennium Park and listened to the free concert by the Grant Park Orchestra. I headed back to the hostel and met up with the rest of the international staff. I some how managed to shove all my stuff in my bags and get them on my back and we got ourselves to the airport (with much struggle) for our flight to Denver, Colorado!