Monday, 9 September 2013

New York Part 1

27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of August

We arrived into Port Authority and caught a subway (or 3) out to Kurtis' place in Brooklyn! Kurtis is a friend I went to school with (know him since we were wee little 11 year olds) who moved out her a few months back! He lives in Brooklyn in a trendy apartment which he was kind enough to let us crash for a week! Once we arrived, we talked and napped and then had a little picnic in the park! Then Kurtis and his boyf Matty took us on a walking tour of their little area! We cooked pasta for dinner and crashed pretty fast!!

The next day we had a late start (finally a real bed after 3 days on a bus!) before heading into the city. We were planning on doing the statue of liberty but it was raining alas! So we headed over to the 9/11 monument. We visited the Liberty church which was beautiful.

The 9/11 site is of course silencing. Its interesting to see how the site has changed since January, and see the buildings get bigger! I feel like I am destined to always visit 9/11 on days that are a little bit gross. I took Bridget to St. Paul's chapel, because it's definitely part of the 9/11 experience.

Things got brighter when I was reunited with Waffles and Dinges!!!! My one true love!

Annnnnnddddd then Georgetown Cupcakes happened. Peaches and Cream oh yes oh yes.

But soon it was time to introduce Bridget to the JOY that is times square! Magic magic magic! It was funny to watch her get excited! We met up with two of the girls I met in Nashville and visited all the big stores in Times Square and had a light dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe! Definitely an experience!

THe next day, we headed into the city and caught the Staten Island Ferry across to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty! Oh isn't she lovely! Then we came backkkk after wandering around Staten Island for a bit and had lunch.

We went up north to Central Park and met up with an upper Linden Birch Trail Camper, Morgan, and it was so sweet to she her!

Then we met up with Brooke and Leanne (Nashville) and I introduced them to Waffles and Dinges.


And then we visited Tiffany & Co. and tried on jewellery we can never afford.

Then we hit the highline. It's beautiful in the summer time!

Art guy was there again!

We had dinner at a 99c pizza place and my obsession with ginger ale grows stronger by the day.

Today Bridget and I spent the morning apart (shock, horror!). I headed into the city and met up with some friends from camp; Si-Wan, Analise, Brian, Sarah and Lian. We headed to little Italy and had awesome pizza at this famous pizza place. It was nom nom nom!

Then I had a solo wander through soho and found some yummy rice pudding before getting lost on the subway trying to get to the rock! I met up with Bridget and we embarked UP!

It is kinda strange being there in summer! The crowds were HUGE which was kinda lame but it was still awesome! We went around 6.30 so it was still light, and then stayed through sunset until it got dark. SO MAGIC!


After our adventure we were kinda hyper so we had a burger at 'Bill's Burgers' and had a funny waiter and then hunted down Magnolia Cupcakes (of course). NOMMMMMMMMMM.

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