Thursday, 12 September 2013

New York Part 2

31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August and September

Today we met up with my BT friends and we lined up for tickets to Mamma Mia in the evening. Success! So very exciting! Bridget and I walked to lower Manhattan and found some markets.

We headed over to the 9/11 tribute centre. It was an incredibly moving place. It left us very awestruck. The centre focuses on the personal stories of those who 9/11 impacted. There were videos, quotes, clothing, bits of the Twin Towers buildings. It was all a bit much.

After, we headed back to Brooklyn and (finally) did our laundry before getting ready and heading back into the city to meet up with my BT friends for dinner before the show!

We had dinner at a place called 'Ellen's Stardust Diner'. It's a famous restaurant as all the waiters and waitresses are aspiring Broadway Stars! So they sing during your whole meal. It was way too much fun!!

Finally it was Mamma Mia time! I cannot explain how much fun this show is! There was dancing and silliness and no-one takes themselves too seriously which is perfection! I laughed so so much cause it was actually FUNNY. It was 100 times better than the film. By the end the whole audience was on their feet DANCING. SO MUCH FUN. After the show Bridget and I hung out at the stage door like crazy fans and got all the cast's signatures woohoo but we were the only ones there so we got to chat with them all for a while which was so fabulous.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes came in early so I got to enjoy them all week can I get a HOLLA.

Today (1st) we lined up and attempted to get tickets to Matilda! Alas, we didn't get them (it's literally a lottery) as there were about 300 people and 10 people win!! BUT we did spot Zachary Quinto hanging out on a balcony (Star Trek, Heroes, etc) So that was fun. We walked through Hells Kitchen and bought 99c pizza after a disastrous cafe experience (I wrote a sassy review don't worry) and walked through a cute little vintage market and resisted the urge to by vintage cameras and suitcases and everything.

Instead of Matilda, we grabbed tickets to 'Pottered Potter' on off Broadway! It was their last show in New York so it was a bit special. It's kind of like 'The complete works of William Shakespeare, Abridged', but with the seven Harry Potter books! It was so. funny. There's audience interaction and fun times and gahhh. THERE WAS QUIDDICH. What more do you want.

After, we wandered time square at night some more and came home and strummed the ukulele and laughed a lot.

Today (2nd) was Labour Day. Not sure what that holiday means mostly because we used it as a recoop day and slept into late morning and literally spent hours in a local Brooklyn cafe, writing journals, postcards and enjoying our day. And that was all we did. And it was awesome.

Today (3rd) we got up much earlier than the day before (PSL were had nomnomnom) and headed to explore central park! We took the route of all the *famous* things to see and it was so MAGICCCC

I am definitely not a tourist.

There were turtles. I repeat, there were TURTLES.

One last ditch effort at the lottery ended up through a crazy koinkidink getting us tickets to MATILDAAA! So much excitement!

I reacquainted myself with Shake Shak and their fab peanut butter shake (yes).

Showtime! Oh, it was great. The music was definitely the best bit. So funny, so great. You forgot the child actors were children at all. My favourite scene was the very first of each acts. The set blew me awayyy.

We said our goodbyes (for now) to times square. I'll be back my love.

Goodbyes are no fun (4th). We Packed our bags and grabbed a bite to eat while we hung out in the park with Kurtis and Matty for the final time. We are SO thankful to Kurtis for being so amazing and letting us crash his place for a whole week. He's so brave to move overseas at 18 but I love him for it!

We caught an elaborate system of trains to JFK airport and checked ourselves in (4 hours early, better safe than sorry). We got emergency exit seats (yes please) and said goodbye to New York, and the US of A.

Our home for the last three months, America. We kinda love you, more than we probably should seeing as you have lots of guns and no healthcare. Adios.

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