Friday, 13 September 2013

Reykjavik, Iceland

5th, 6th and 7th of September

We arrived in Reykjavik at 6am to the most beautiful sunrise, and caught a bus into the city. It is COLD! Bit of a shock coming in from New York!!

We hunt down our hostel and finally get inside, and "take a 2 hour nap until 9am". At 2pm when we wake up we head out to find some food. Waffles, of course. What else.

We wander the streets of Reykjavik. This city is like a small town! It's so cute and all the shops are really trendy and cool. These Icelanders sure do know style. THe whole country looks like Ikea I swear.

We booked ourselves into two tours of Iceland's natural wonders tomorrow and headed to the famous Hallgrimskirkja Concrete Church. It was pretty magical! Iceland is actually a heavily religious country and this church is a beautiful example of that.

We discovered a Icelandic Traditional Cafe, serving mashed fish and lamb head jam. NOM! (We did not consume this, it was expensiveand we are on a shoestring budget{see photo})

More wanderings. We're good at aimlessly wandering around cities....

The next day we got up early (ew) and started our first tour! Stop one was a tomato greenhouse farm! Because of how cold it gets here, most of the farming is done in greenhouses. It was pretty awesome to learn about how it's all done!

Next we headed to the Golden Circle Waterfalls. They were spectacular! So beautiful! We walked down closer to them and got so wet from all the mist! But it was worth it!

Next we went to the Geysers! The water in the underground springs boils and then the steam sends the water above shooting up! So special to watch! But kinda scary too (we got scared the first time it happened).

The last stop was the original settlers parliament site where they used to read out the laws of the country, starting in 930 AD. Spectacular views of the country side!!

Then our first tour took us back to Reykjavik where we met our 2nd tour of the day which took us to the Blue Lagoon!

They have converted the Blue Lagoon into a resort so it was very fancy! We got in, got changed and hit the pools. The worst part was the walk from the building into the pools! The water temperature is around 40 degrees and supposedly magical! The water is a milky light blue and is super weird but cool. We swum around and let the pools of health and beauty work their magic!

We headed back to our hotel and I crashed for a few hours sleep while Bridget chucked an all nighter (which she would come to regret!)

The next day we caught a bus at 4am (ew) to the airport and jumped on our 7am flight to PARIISSSSSS!!

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