Thursday, 10 October 2013

Prague, Czech Republic

18th, 19th and 20th of September

We woke up at a nasty 5am to catch an (non busabout) bus from Berlin to Prague! We accidentally booked a business class bus so it was luxury! Still cheap of course! THe countryside coming into Prague was so beautiful I loved it! We caught a tram to our houstel and settled in. Prague is so cleap, we love it!

In the evening, Bridge, Molly, Taylor (Central Coast) and I went on a pub crawl. We danced and laughed. 

The next day, a little under the weather, and caught a tram into the Prague castle with the Central Coast girls. We walked up to the top and saw the most magnificent view of this place. 

Oldest Vineyard in Europe!

Then we joined a tour which took us all throughout Prague. I loved learning about Prague's history because I literally know nothing!!

Prague is this funny mix of architectural styles which makes it so interesting. I loved the churches and the old square.

The biggg clockkkkk (Europe's official second most disappointing tourist site).

We had dinner at a traditional place. Cream beef with bread dumplings. Kinda weird, but good!

The next day we said goodbye to the girls (waaaaa) and bridge and I felt a bit lost! We did laundry and slept in. Evetually we headed into the city and drunk hot chocolate/pumpkin spice lattes and went shopping.

We walked around the markets and grabbed some dinner. Czech Peasant Potatoes are our FAVOURITE.

We ended up going to the movies and seeing 'Diana'. It was just like being home! After, we caught a tram home and crashed!

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