Saturday, 26 October 2013

Vienna, Austria

21st, 22nd and 23rd of September

Today we got to jump straight from our hostel to our busabout bus hooray! Oh the bliss of staying at the BA hostels! The bus ride was long but of course passed quickly! We arrived to a rainy Vienna and went to the supermarket and hung out with Mandy and Alana. I edited films and relaxed and looked forward to Vienna Adventure!

The next day, we headed out to the palace! We ran into our Canadian roommates Crystal and Vanessa and our two Aussie friends Matt and Robbie. We had apple strudel nom nom! 

We checked out the gardens and the beautiful palace.

Then it was time for the imperial zoo! I la-la-love the zoo.

Bridge and I then went on into the city and visited St Stephen's chapel and another beautiful church.

Aussie everywhere!

We had dinner at a little restaurant in the town square which was yum! In the evening we had some drinks down at the hostel bar with some fellow travellers!

The next day, we headed out with our German roommate Anna-Cathrin! We met up with one of my friends Ash-Leigh who is on exchange in Linz for the year! We went to the original sacher cafe, 'Hotel Sacher' and had fancy sacher cake!

After cake we continued our exploration to the Opera House.

Fancy churches

We headed to a very impressive palace (Vienna has prettttyyyyy nice palaces I must say)

We had schnitzel for dinner! House very Austrian of us.

In the evening Katrin helped us cook Kaiserschmarrn, a traditional Austrian pancake, which is kind of like scrambled pancakes! Super dooper yummy! We stayed up late drinking and talking at the hostel bar.

Aw year Vienna you rocked it.

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