Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cinque Terre, Italy

8th and 9th of October

After our little detour to Pisa, we were on course to La Spezia, our drop off point for Cinque Terre (you can't actually drive into the town!) We arrived around midday and caught a cute train out to the first town, Riomaggiore where our hostel was. When we arrived we climbed a ridiculous hill. These towns are all built on ridiculous hills. 

We checked into our hostel, one we had been dreading because it had super dooper mixed reviews online (either terrible or awesome!) The guy who owned it was kinda cold but warmed us as he made fun of how huge our packs are and said that we weren't like Italian girls who would just get a boy to carry their bags up the hill! Believe me buddy, if I had an Italian man, you can bet he'd be carrying my bag!!

We settled into our hostel, which was actually an apartment, and we had it all to ourselves!! We went exploring, and then we went swimming of the dock!!

We jumped in straight off the rocks and oh my goodness it's magic! The water is crystal clear and so pretty! It's super salty so you can float really easily!

We had seafood (of course) for dinner YUM!

With no internet to amuse us, we spent the evening reading and painting our nails before getting an early night!

The next day, it was adventure time! We jumped on a train out to the fifth Cinque Terre town. It was SO cute! We wandered and found ourselves at the beach! We spotted a paddle boat with a slide attached, so of course, we just had to have a turn!

After our adventure, we set off on the hike over to the fourth town! It was basically vertical stairs for like an hour, and then walking through mud and then super steep down stairs and just down bits that had me falling on my butt!! The views were worth it, especially the views into Vernazza!

We had lunch in Vernazza and I had ricotta and burnt fig gelato and it was THE BEST! Bridget and Clancey hiked to the next town, which they tell me was 100% not as bad as the last one but I was not about to face another hike so I bought some postcards and sat in the sunshine writing them before attempting to get a train back to Ripmaggiore. Alas, Italian transport is not exactly known for its reliability, so i waited and hour and a half for a train!! I met an Aussie family and some American tourists. There are so many retired American tourists who come here to hike! It's crazy!

I got off the train (the girls caught the same one from the third town) and we made it to the dock just in time for the sunset!

In the evening we'd gained three new house mates in our flat and our friend Hayley who we met in Florence came over and I cooked a pesto pasta feast and red wine poached pears, figs and peaches for dessert! Such fun!

Cinque Terre is so beautiful. I could spend two months here and be totally okay with it. seriously this is my happy place.

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