Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Florence & Pisa, Italy

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th of October

Today we jumped on our bus for a smooth journey to Florence! When we arrived, we were super pleased to stay in a hostel, and not in tents! After a few problems with our stupid door key (this stuff ALWAYS happens to us!!) we settled in before heading out on a walking tour of Florence. To be honest to actual tour wasn't very inspiring. Our guide basically just took us to the main sights and told us how to get in but didn't tell many interesting stories or whatever. But it was good for getting our bearings in the city!

We were taken to Leonardo's for a leather demonstration! It was cool to learn all about the different techniques they use to make the beautiful leather goods that Florence is famous for!

Then we headed to 'The Red Garter' and had the best meal I've eaten in Italy! It was a feast! Started with bruscetta, then pesto and marinara pasta and then an amazing beef stew and chicken stew and then gelato for dessert! YEP AMAZING! After dinner we went to a karaoke bar and did karaoke in front of too many people and drank cocktails. All fun things!

The next day we headed out to the Galleria dell ' Accademia to see David! The rest of the museum was pretty unexciting but it was cool to see the real David!!

We had more gelato.......

We headed over to the 'Old Bridge' which is a bridge covered in jewellers that are wayyyy out of our price range!!

We went to the rather famous Festival del Gelato for some amazing gelato!!

We continued to wander around...

We walked over the bridge and over to the Piazza Pitti. And I finally bought some leather boots!!

In the evening we ate bread and cheese on the roof of our hostel and the view was pretty magical not gonna lie.

The next day I spent the morning running some errands and then visited the Piazza del Duomo and the world's largest Cathedral! Super amazing. It was super dooper rainy!!

It took 200 years to build which is pretty impressive!

In the afternoon Bridge and I did loads of laundry (fun) (bed bugs suck) and got ready for the evening!

We had some pre-drinks with a load of busabout people and our entire dorm room and then headed back to the karaoke bar we went to the night before! Lots of dancing and singing and fun!!!!

The day was an interesting morning after the night we'd had and we dragged ourselves onto our next busabout bus!! The bus took us to a photo stop in Pisa and we took all the silly photos we could manage. There's something kinda cool about Pisa, but the whole thing also kinda makes you want to face palm because it's so stupid.

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