Friday, 1 November 2013

Venice, Italy

27th, 28th and 29th of September

Today we bid farewell to the beautiful Gruenau! I enrolled to uni (hooray!) and we were on the train! We caught two different trains, played ukulele and talked and talked. We arrived in Villach and caught a bus into Venice. We met two lovely Americans at the bus stop and had dinner with them at our hostel/camp site!

The next day, we went into the island with our American friends Sonya and Tabitha. We took a route that walked us all around the beautiful streets of Venice and lead us to St Marco's square.

Gelato was necessary.

The square was as beautiful as I remember it!

We stood in line and headed inside the Cathedral. Bridget and I both had to coer some skin to get in but we managed alright.

We went into pretty much every single mask shop in Rome I'm pretty sure. We dropped off our new friends as they had to jump on a train to Milan! But not before we had more gelato!!

Bridge and I walked some more (lots more) before heading back to our hostel. We met another American at the bus stop and came home to our little tent (tent wasn't so bad to be honest, except the walls were super thin, so you could hear everything around you (oh the things you hear at hostels......)).

Our second full day in Venice had kind of miserable weather! We met up with Justina, a Californian we had met at the bus stop the day before and headed to the Island. On the advice of one of my lovely lovely friends from home, we jumped on a ferry that took us down the grand canal. Essentially, the poor man's gondola! It was awesome!

We jumped off at St Marco's square. More gelato was required.

Bridge and I went to the Museum and saw the old jail, armory and duke;s quarters. And all else there is to see!!!

In the afternoon, after a hot chocolate, we decided a trip out to one of the islands was a great idea! So we caught a ferry to Burano island! Boy was it cute!

We devoured our pizzas and wandered around before catching a ferry back to Venice island. We literally ran all the way across Venice to make the last bus back to our hostel!! But not so fast that we couldn't get a last glimpse of the square at night! During the night there was a huge storm. Luckily we were safe in bed!

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