Saturday, 13 December 2014

I'll have to check my diary

I've never been much of a diary keeper. When I was in high school, I used one to keep track of school work, but my phone calendar played a much bigger role in organising my schedule. Journals on the other hand, came very naturally to me. I kept inspiration journals all through school, filled with writing, photos, magazine cut outs and pretty much anything. Looking back, they're a pretty accurate glimpse into my loves and lusts as a teenager.

My transition from journals to diaries began while travelling. While overseas, I was obsessed with recording my experiences. I had a blog, vlog and of course, my treasured hand written journals filled with tickets, writing and pretty much every thought that went through my head every day. If my house was on fire, they're in my top 3 items I would save (only behind my laptop and external hard drive and my instruments). I organised myself with a hand drawn calendar, with all my flights, hostels and trips written out. I got in the habit of having my life written down on paper, in planning, and in reflection.

So on my return home, I couldn't go back to my phone calendar. It just wasn't enough. I needed a diary. The search began for the perfect diary. I hated the page a day ones, as I found it impossible for planning. But the one week to 2 page diaries were always too big. I loved the style of filofax diaries, but they were realistically too bulky to carry around. And then I found it, in humble Kikkik. The A6 Inspire diary.

Oh, how sad it looks now. In its hayday, it was a beautiful dark blue, with the cutest patterns inside. And it went everywhere with me this year. It endured being used to take notes at uni when my laptop ran out of memory, having pages torn out to scribble song lyric ideas on, and being absolutely soaked in iced coffee after a particularly sticky disaster in my handbag. Nothing about my diary is neat or ordered. It's messy, dirty and kinda gross by December. But I struggle to remember a day this year that I didn't whip this baby out to check something. Countless eyebrows were raised as I pulled out my diary, when asked if I was free on a certain day. "Let me check my diary", became I phrase used 100% non-ironically.

This diary got me through my first year of university without any late assignments. I organised two jobs, leading a youth group, shooting a feature film, and outstanding lecture and tutorial attendance, with the aid of a diary. I never thought I'd be that person.

So with 2015 around the corner, it was time to invest in a new diary for the new year. And I swear, I did look at other diaries. I went to a bunch of stationary stories, flicked through countless different styles, but the Inspire Diary was just everything I needed.

So I bought another.

The lady in Kikkik tried to give me the usual speech about the diary. Instead, I pulled out the 2014 version and she gave a knowing smile. She gets it. She's a diary person too.

// Buy the A6 Inspire Diary here - this year it has a shiny protective cover on it to ward off any iced coffee //

Friday, 5 December 2014

Shanghai's Child

This semester at university I took a class on documentary making. Our final project was to make a short documentary film. My proposal was chosen and along with two of my classmates, we made a film about my Grandfather, Eric Wilson.

The film is called 'Shanghai's Child'. It's very important to me.